Imported Japanese Used Vehicle Myths

Learn more about the facts when it comes to imported vehicles.


All used imports from Japan have radiation exposure.

This is a common misconception. The fact of the matter is, After the Fukushima plant disaster started, radiation levels in Tokyo were reported to be 20 times above normal but still not in the danger zone. All our vehicles are checked at the port before they depart, so there is most definitely no risk of radiation exposure to the vehicles we import into NZ.

The cars probably have flood damage from the 2011 Earthquake & subsequent Tsunami.

The vehicles that we all saw during the news coverage of the 2011 earthquake in Japan were most certainly flood-damaged. In fact, a lot of them were so damaged they were beyond repair and simply scrapped. The ones that we're able to be sold by insurance companies to recover costs were put to a special 'damaged vehicle auction'. At Dave Allen Motors, we do not even look at these auctions. The risk involved to import a car with flood damage, with the hope we can repair it to a high standard, is too great, and we simply would not even bother.
All our vehicles are Japanese auction grade 4 or higher, that means no accident or water damage. We are happy to show you the auction sheet for every vehicle that we sell, are other car dealers?....

All cars from Japan have snow tyres.

Well, this one is actually true in some cases. However, when a vehicle we import has snow tyres fitted, we simply change them for standard road tyres. In Japan they change their tyres to suit the season, this is simply not necessary in NZ and our roads are not suitable for the use of snow tyres. Any dealer that allows the snow tyres to remain on the vehicle is irresponsible.

The Japanese don't service their vehicles

Our buyer's (we have 14 full time) get all the information about the service history of a vehicle before they decide whether or not to purchase it. The service history is a common practice in Japan, as it is in NZ. Upon arrival into NZ, all our vehicles are given a fresh service, and AA Appraisal, regardless of when the last one was done in Japan.

The odometers are wound back.

On the contrary, it is not too common these days to come across a vehicle that has been imported with the incorrect odometer reading. This is due to the thorough odometer inspection done by the AA/Jevic in Japan. Even with the electronic odometer's and onboard computers in cars these days, they all get checked and it is verified back to us prior to purchase. We offer a certificate of guaranteed mileage to our customers on all of our imported vehicles. Buy with Total Confidence.