No Deposit Car Finance - Get Pre-Approved Car Finance Today

Looking for No Deposit Car Finance? If having no deposit is holding you back from purchasing a new car then you don’t need to worry.

We make No Deposit Car Finance fast and hassle free. Just like it should be! 


A question we get asked often is “Do I need a deposit to buy a car?”  We do need some information about you. In most cases, no deposit car finance is the preferred option for buyers, but in some cases, a deposit is required to ensure you can afford your new car loan.  When you do pay a deposit, it will lower the weekly repayment amount, ensuring you are not overcommitted.  Responsible Lending is what it’s all about, to be responsible as a lender and make sure our customers are not put into financial stress, but still making sure you can have your new car.


Your deposit does not need to be cash, if you like, you can use your old car as a deposit toward your new loan.  Which will make the amount you borrow, less.  If you still have a current loan on your old car, we can sort that out too for you. 


The main things that we consider when looking at your application for no-deposit finance are your affordability, stability, and credit scores.  However, if you have a new job, or recently moved house this does not mean you won’t qualify.  Even with some adverse credit, you may still qualify for no deposit finance.  If you have a reasonable explanation and affordability then you may still be approved with no deposit.


While the criteria are similar, we realise everyone’s personal situations can be different.  So the only way to be sure is to apply.  What suits your circumstances may be different from the next person.  This is why our finance specialist will go over the options that are suitable for you, with no deposit and a choice of insurances that are tailored to your needs.  Apply Now for a Free No-Obligation Pre-Approval.

Or if you simply want to discuss your options before you apply, you can phone us on 0800 227000 to talk to one of our business managers. *normal lending criteria applies