We are Proud to Support the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society


Dave Allen Motors is pleased to be able to help support the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society's Lions Lodge. This facility enables the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society to provide an increased accommodation service and a more modernised facility to better meet the needs of those in the region affected by cancer.


The new Lodge has kept all the best features of the previous one while incorporating great new facilities based on residents' feedback. The old Lodge has served its purpose wonderfully since 1971 and we have worked hard to find out what our residents enjoyed most about the Lodge and what they wanted to be added or changed to make sure we included the best features at the new site.

The extensive fundraising campaign continues in order to assist in the costs of renovating the new Cancer Society's Lions Lodge. Because the move was anticipated the Cancer Society was able to cover the cost of purchasing the site and some of the building costs; however, we need to raise $5 million to cover additional costs.

At Dave Allen Motors we understand the need for such a facility and how it will benefit those in our community affected by cancer. We are proud to support the new facility and contribute towards the cost of its building. We plan to continue our support for the local cancer society. Part of our company's profit has been donated to the Cancer Society that will give back greatly to our community.

All the money raised by the Waikato/Bay of Plenty division stays in this region to help local people affected by cancer. The division also supports a national research pool through an annual levy that in turn benefits all New Zealanders affected by cancer.

The Cancer Society is a non-profit organisation that receives no direct government funding. They are funded by bequests and donations from the public as well as fundraising activities.


You can help make a difference too. Go to the cancer society to make your donation.